In 2013, Nathan Currier had a number of meetings with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and his staff regarding methane policy. Whitehouse - among the Senators most involved in furthering U.S. climate policy, and among those who worked most closely with the Obama administration - Chaired a Senate Committee Hearing on methane emissions (Environment & Public Works, November, 2013) a few months later. Soon afterward, Obama released his administration's methane strategy paper for the President's Climate Action Plan, now largely defunct.

Currier has advocated for a broader understanding and recognition of Gaia theory, or Earth System science, as being necessary for any viable path forward in response to climate change. He co-authored Life's Tectonics with NASA scientist Paul D. Lowman (see above), which brings a 'comparative planetology' viewpoint to our planet. In particular, recent data from Mars has helped confirm its lack of Earth-style tectonics, highlighting in turn the role that water, and life, have likely played in the tectonics of our home - helping to yet again underscore how, as Vladimir Vernadsky asserted, "Life is a geological force."